Mobile Games

  • Zombie Gunship

    It’s a feeling quite unlike any other: lording over hordes of zombies not from ground level, but from way up in the air. Traditionally, zombie games are played from the ground level, as is the case with various titles – from Left 4 Dead to the Nazi Zombies extensions of the Call of Duty series, zombies are sent off to further deadness almost exclusively from the ground. This is where Zombie Gunship agrees to disagree with the standard prescription for zombie-killing methods, doing so with a format that has players control a gunship that rains down bullets and general bad stuff on zombies below.

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  • World of Warplanes

    Don’t for one second mistake Drone Shadow Strike for a game that deals only briefly or momentarily with first-person, crosshair-view action from the perspective of a drone. Unlike in Call of Duty where you’re only treated to momentary bursts of true gameplay that involve being in control of an aircraft’s gun turrets from the first-person perspective, Drone Shadow Strike’s entire premise is based on this kind of action. Expect to take the reins of a multitude of military drones – all viewed from the first-person crosshair perspective – as you embark on covert missions, earning experience and money as you progress.

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